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Get Your Green On Online Earth Day Summit – Register for Free

Sustainable Solutions for Troubled Times Wow, we’ve clearly got an ecological mess on our hands… global warming, species on the brink of extinction, polluted water supplies and more. Yet, if we put the miraculous, collective power of our hearts and minds together, we CAN solve these problems. Solutions DO exist and every day, more and […]

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Sustainable Apple Trees – Self-watering and Self-fertilizing


The Tarahumara Apple Tree Growing System Do you hate dragging hoses around the yard? Are you tired of lugging compost around in bags, buckets, and wheelbarrows? Check out this super simple system that is used by the Tarahumara Indians to grow wonderful and delicious apples with almost no work! The Tarahumara Indians of Mexico’s Copper […]

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A Perennial Food Guild for the Arid American Southwest


Edible Permaculture Plants You Can Grow in Arid Regions If you live in an arid region, at some point you have probably felt envy when looking at pictures of food forests from other climates. You see countless varieties of plump fruits as far as the eye can see, with beautiful flowers, herbs, and annual vegetables […]

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Raise Chickens Easily and Naturally with These Free Videos


Justin Rhodes is a permaculture homesteader in North Carolina who focuses his work on finding the best, most sustainable, most natural way to raise chickens. He studied under Geoff Lawton and Pat Foreman, and he soaked up every bit of chicken knowledge he could find. Last year he launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund a […]

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The Secret to a Long and Happy Life is in the Garden

What We Know About Longevity Dan Buettner wanted to find the secret of longevity. He traveled the world over, meeting and interviewing the world’s centenarians (people over 100) to learn the secret from those who could speak from experience. But when he pressed them for an answer most of them could not really say. One […]

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Vegetable Gardening in Drought Conditions – Part 2

Drought. A chilling term for a period of less than average rainfall, usually accompanied by times of hot, dry, and often windy conditions. It is enough to drive any gardener stark raving mad. That is, of course, unless you have knowledge of some simple drought gardening techniques. In the first installment of this series, I […]

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