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Are You Prepared? Do the Obvious!

Here in Oklahoma, and many parts of the Midwest, we had a glorious warm fall. Temperatures reached into the 70s each week and dipped only to lows in the mid 30s for the most part. We celebrated Christmas on Monday the 27th, waiting for my grandson to come be with us. It was a delightful […]

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(Infographic) Eggsposing Some Basic Facts About Eggs

Statistics About Eggs Around the World Eggs have gotten some bad press over the last few decades, but today they’re more popular around the world than ever. The infographic below shows some interesting statistics. The numbers on global egg production came from the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations. As you can see, […]

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Growing My Groceries’ Groceries

I want to eat wholesome food. I think anyone who wants it ought to be able to eat wholesome food, but cost is a barrier for too many people. Like me. I wanted to eat the kind of food I could not afford to buy, so I started to grow my own. Sustainable gardening was […]

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5 Easy Ways to Preserve Your Fresh Eggs

For some 40 years I had never eaten a fresh egg! Does that sound crazy to you? Looking back on it, it sure sounds crazy to me. Naturally I had eaten fresh eggs from the grocery store but never a fresh laid backyard egg or anything like it. That all changed about ten years ago […]

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