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Growing My Groceries’ Groceries

I want to eat wholesome food. I think anyone who wants it ought to be able to eat wholesome food, but cost is a barrier for too many people. Like me. I wanted to eat the kind of food I could not afford to buy, so I started to grow my own. Sustainable gardening was […]

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Kids in Winter

I’m driving a gallon of milk to my snow-bound neighbor. I can’t believe I just spent five dollars on a gallon of milk, but she needs it, so I’m in 4-wheel drive powering my way through eight inches of snow that don’t often collect here in our zone 6/7 village. “Hey!” She yells from her […]

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City Girl Tastes Goat Milk!

This is an entry in this month’s contest “What Inspired You To Start Growing Your Own Food?”.  Be sure to rate this article! I hope this qualifies as “growing” your own food! I moved to the country about 13 yrs ago, at the age of 44. What a shock for a city girl! I immediately got […]

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