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Pool party! Bees Need Water Too

Improve Your Bee Habitat with Water While many folks worry about having too much moisture in the hive, the bees don’t really want the interior to be bone dry.  Bees need water, just like all living things. The moisture levels inside the hive may go up and down depending on how much the bees are […]

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A Home Away from the Hive How to Rescue a Honeybee

All Alone, Far From Home A single honeybee alone cannot survive without its hive. If a foraging bee gets lost or trapped during its travel and is stuck somewhere overnight, most likely she will be dead by morning. I believe they die of loneliness. Here’s a simple method I found to rescue a honeybee. Sometimes […]

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Mandatory Vaccination… for Honey Bees?

Got a minute for a little science today? So, there’s this stuff called vitellogenin that is part of the yolk in most eggs. Vitellogenin is one of the first proteins that form in an egg yolk – the latin “vitellogenin” roughly translates to “yolk maker.” It is present in the eggs of nearly all egg-laying […]

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Bees: An Earth-Wise Guide

Our Essential Friends… Say the word “bee” and most people think of either honey bees or bumble bees. The truth is, there are many kinds of bees–almost 3,500 species in North America. Many of our local bee species are solitary. Solitary bees build and tend their own nests without help from other members of the […]

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