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Marjory’s 3d Printer Adventure

This is a very hopeful thing so I hope you keep reading the article all the way through. Mike Adams (the Health Ranger) has developed an urban growing box for producing food or medicine.  Of course we here at the [Grow] Network have to test it out…  Is this thing really good, or what?  I […]

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Pressure Canning As A Backup To Prevent Meat Spoilage

The man who had identified himself as Wayne was on the phone yet again. What part of “NO” didn’t this man understand? “Look Marjory, I know you are really busy – my gosh, you a speaker for Mother Earth News, National Geographic calls you when they need an expert, and you running a large online […]

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Make Your Own Oil; The Sunflower Seed Huller and Oil Press

[i4w_not_logged_in] Vegetable oils used to be one of those items you just HAD to buy. Now here’s how to make your own. By Jeff Cox — from Organic Gardening, April 1979, Rodale Press IN 2,500 SQUARE FEET, a family of four can grow each year enough sunflower seed to produce three gallons of homemade vegetable […]

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Off-Grid Tool Care Tip For Fruit And Nut Tree Pruning

Late winter is a great time to prune your fruit and nut trees.  I’ve been working to develop a ‘food forest’ for many years (I’ll write up an article about food forests soon).  When pruning your trees it really is a good idea to sanitize your tools as you move from tree to tree so […]

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