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An Herb with Many Uses Got Gas? Try this Mayan Remedy

Oops, Excuse Me! If you’ve been gardening for a while, there’s a really good chance that you eat a lot of beans. They’re super easy to grow, they’re one of the easiest plants to grow from seed, and they store well. A gardener’s dream! But if you’re someone who is prone to gas after eating […]

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Overhaul Your Medicine Cabinet with Herbal Remedies


Herbal Alternatives to Over-the-Counter Drugs As you more than likely know, some over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs consist of synthetic chemicals that damage the body and only mask the symptoms of the underlying problem or disease. But there’s a great alternative that is simple to do and much less expensive. Making herbal remedies like tinctures […]

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How to Make Spice from Corncob Ashes, Buffalo Bird Woman Style

If you’re interested in three sisters gardening (beans, corn, and squash) the most comprehensive book on this subject is Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden: Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians, which is translated from an older Hidatsa Indian woman named Buffalo Bird Woman. Buffalo Bird Woman (Maxi’diwiac Waheenee) lived from 1839 to 1932. Hmm, that made her […]

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Wild Edibles from the Utah Desert

I’ve been studying and eating wild edible plants for several years now. I started this research in my local area of Utah, primarily the desert, by accident almost. I was asked to assist in a youth activity for my church to teach what foods might have been readily available to pioneers coming into the area […]

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Vegetable Gardening in Drought Conditions – Part 2

Drought. A chilling term for a period of less than average rainfall, usually accompanied by times of hot, dry, and often windy conditions. It is enough to drive any gardener stark raving mad. That is, of course, unless you have knowledge of some simple drought gardening techniques. In the first installment of this series, I […]

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For the Love of Mugwort: 7 Uses for Mugwort

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a divine lady who goes by several names, including wild wormwood, chrysanthemum weed, artemis, Old Uncle Henry, St. John’s plant, and cronewort. As an easy-to grow perennial that self-seeds readily, mugwort easily grows to 4 feet and more. She can grow in all types of soils, including poor and alkaline soils, […]

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Easy and Fresh Micro Greens and Herbs All Year Round

Want fresh microgreens and micro herbs all year round? You might have seen my previous post about using plastic water bottles as seed starting containers. If you missed it, you can see the instructions and some helpful photographs here – How To Start Seedlings in Repurposed Plastic Bottles. This same method works great for growing […]

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Drying Herbs the Easy Way

My favorite way to dry herbs is to use nylon mesh hampers that have cloth handles. These were designed for college students, and they come in various colors. They are also collapsible for easy storage, so we have several of them and we usually dry four to five different herbs at a time. We have […]

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