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The riddle of the roots What the Hell is a Yam?

Getting to the Root of the Question First off, let me explain how I arrived at the question, “What the hell is a yam?”  I’ve been on a little quest – to find the fabled yam.  I started this quest last week, knowing exactly what a yam was… or so I thought. We’ve had several […]

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It's in the Bag Hand Pollinating Corn for Seed Saving


Hand Pollinating Corn in the Home Garden Saving seeds from corn can be tricky if you’re in an area where different varieties of corn are growing nearby.  If you want to save seed from corn with no worries about cross-pollination, hand pollinating is a good thing to do. As you’ll see in the video below, […]

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How to Use Squash Pits for Bigger Garden Yields


What is a Squash Pit? If you’ve already read David the Good’s book Compost Everything: The Good Guide to Extreme Composting, then you might already be familiar with his ideas about “melon pit composting.” In this video, Marjory adapts his idea to create a rich planting bed for squash this spring. You can learn more […]

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3 Types of Tarahumara Indian Corn and How They Are Used


3 Indian Corns with 3 Different Uses Marjory brought this video back from Mexico. Look at these 3 different corns – they’re beautiful! These are grown by the Tarahumara, off-grid, with goat manure fertilizer. Corn is super important to the Tarahumara – it’s one of their key staples. The Tarahumara are known as exceptional runners, […]

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(Video) Everything You Need to Know about Saving Bean Seeds

Save Bean Seed Successfully This video contains an abbreviated version of Seed Savers Exchange’s webinar on saving bean seeds. The video touches on lots of good information about growing, harvesting, and saving beans to replant the following season. The advice here is good for any legume, including common beans, peas, lima beans, cowpeas, fava beans, […]

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The Secret to a Long and Happy Life is in the Garden

What We Know About Longevity Dan Buettner wanted to find the secret of longevity. He traveled the world over, meeting and interviewing the world’s centenarians (people over 100) to learn the secret from those who could speak from experience. But when he pressed them for an answer most of them could not really say. One […]

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How to Make Spice from Corncob Ashes, Buffalo Bird Woman Style

If you’re interested in three sisters gardening (beans, corn, and squash) the most comprehensive book on this subject is Buffalo Bird Woman’s Garden: Agriculture of the Hidatsa Indians, which is translated from an older Hidatsa Indian woman named Buffalo Bird Woman. Buffalo Bird Woman (Maxi’diwiac Waheenee) lived from 1839 to 1932. Hmm, that made her […]

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