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Why Mulch?

[i4w_not_logged_in] You must be logged in to view Module 1 of the Home Medicine 101 Course. >>> Login here to watch and listen to this webinar. Not a member yet? The purpose of the membership area is to help you to grow, prepare, and preserve your own food and medicine. [/i4w_not_logged_in] [i4w_is_logged_in] Organic gardeners hear […]

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5 Things You Should Never Feed Worms

Homegrown Food on Every Table Working towards my vision of “homegrown food on every table,” I am always setting up different experiments to try out different growing methods like hydroponics and aeroponics. Some of these are viable for homestead-scale growing, and some are better suited for urban and suburban needs. Of course, I’ll be writing […]

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