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Straw vs Hay – Which Makes a Better Mulch?

Straw vs. Hay – In the battle to control weeds, add fertility, and improve the water retention of your soil, is one really better than the other? Well in a word…Yes! Let’s start at the beginning. What is the difference between straw and hay, or are they essentially the same thing? Many people think they’re […]

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Composting in the Suburbs

I currently live in an urban apartment complex. I have a small compost pile in the wooded area on the side of a hill that no one even notices. I cover it with leaves. When I lived down the street in a house with a large back yard, I had a compost bin. I am […]

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Turn Your Hairy Back into Greenbacks

I have to admit, when you first get introduced to composting it changes your life. The way you look at things changes and suddenly everything biological, whether dead or alive, looks like money. Sweeping the floor in the kitchen is more enjoyable because all of the dirt the kids dragged into the house is money. […]

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How to Collect Soil Samples for Lab Testing

Taking soil samples for testing

Taking Samples of Your Soil Several members of the Grow Network have expressed interest in learning about the specific nutrient content, pH, and composition of their garden soil.  Some people are just generally curious about the fertility and overall health of their soil… Others are concerned about contamination from old building materials, chemical run-off, and […]

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A Recipe for Homemade Fresh Fish Fertilizer

I have an idea for Dave, who had an abundance of fish after his aquaponic experiment went south.  Take those unfortunate fish and give your in-ground garden a boost!  Fish emulsion is a good fertilizer for lots of garden vegetables and other plants too.  It has an N-P-K ratio of about 5-2-2, and has micronutrients too.  Store […]

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A Simple Fertilizer From The Greek Gods

Pan Juice This recipe makes a simple but effective fertilizer. It isn’t a fertilizer for your plants, but rather a fertilizer for your soil. After the long winter snooze, all those microorganisms that live in your soil and make it fertile are very hungry! The name is a reference to the Greek God Pan, the […]

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