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3 Tips For Working Outside In The Cold

Working Outside In The Cold As A Homesteader

As you start to live more sustainably you will be spending more time outdoors. And in the winter it can be tough. Getting or cutting firewood, tending livestock, taking care of the orchards or greenhouse – all of these activities mean you’ll be outside, in the cold. Here are my three best tips for staying warm and toasty during the winter months:

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6th Annual Bug Eating Festival In Austin, TX

Bring the kids! Bring yourself! But leave everything you’ve been taught about good table manners at home. We’re gonna eat bugs! Entomophogy…The worldwide practice of eating insects (and spiders) Big fat juicy ones, wee little skinny ones, we’re all gonna eat bugs. Why not do it in a fun and friendly environment – you never […]

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6th Annual Bug Eating Festival Comes To Zilker Park

Are people in Austin so hungry they are eating bugs?  “Well, it does help if you come to the party having skipped lunch,” says Marjory Wildcraft, the host and creator 6th Annual Bug Eating Festival which will be held on Saturday June 29, 2013 at Zilker Park in Austin, TX starting about 7:00 p.m. “Hunger […]

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Is What You Ate For Breakfast Killing The Planet?

How much does the food on your plate contribute to all the crazy weather, destructive storms, and massive earth changes we’ve been seeing? Ronnie Cummins of the Organic Consumers Association (www.organicconsumers.org) and the leader of the Millions Against Monsanto campaign explains the biggest contributor to global climate change is is industrial agri-business.  Ronnie speaks about […]

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It’s OK To Get Dirty With Survival Gardening

Recently a well meaning friend gave me a gift they thought I would love.  Now, I absolutely love getting gifts, but this person clearly didn’t know me that well.  She gave me a gift that I didn’t need as my fingers could do a much better job. It was an electronic gadget to measure soil […]

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From Natural Born Killer To The Jolly Green Giant

Hello Everyone! It is Spring and it is the perfect time to get that garden started. If you’ve never grown anything before, or you are a beginner, you’ll find this article inspiring as I’ll tell you how I went from being a natural born killer, to growing the giant beanstalk, and the secret to a […]

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Extreme Weather Kills

Although it is a one-way relationship, I feel very involved with my local weatherman. I want to cut off this little fling – by trying to learn to predict weather all by myself. But I am not there yet, so I listen with rapt attention to his predictions and study his maps full of whirling […]

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