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5 Homestead Probiotics You Can Make at Home!


Making Your Own Low Cost Probiotics Well the science is in folks, and has been for some time! Probiotics are essential to maintaining a healthy gut, and a strong immune system. A properly functioning digestive system is the key to good health. You can grow, purchase, and eat all of the organic, mineral dense, beyond […]

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Overhaul Your Medicine Cabinet with Herbal Remedies


Herbal Alternatives to Over-the-Counter Drugs As you more than likely know, some over-the-counter medications and prescription drugs consist of synthetic chemicals that damage the body and only mask the symptoms of the underlying problem or disease. But there’s a great alternative that is simple to do and much less expensive. Making herbal remedies like tinctures […]

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Is Your Emergency Information Ready for an Emergency?


Notebooks and Binders Full of Emergency Information I have been reading about preparedness online for several years. I love all of the information I have collected over years of searching and reading. I have so many binders and notebooks full of information! At first, I wasn’t keeping paper records of the important information I found […]

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A Simple Deterrent for Deer


An Inexpensive and Easy Solution for Browsing Deer About 10 years ago, we had a big vegetable garden that was about 40’x 40′. I planted several rows of bush beans in the garden that year and I got a bit obsessive, every day watering and waiting for those first sprouts of green to appear. One […]

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Growing Boys and Growing Vegetables


Even though I have been growing gardens for 53 years, and boys for 39, I do not claim to be an expert at either! I did happen to run into two good ideas for growing both, however, while experimenting with my youngest son on his vegetable garden. My youngest son was 15 at the time […]

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Are You Prepared? Do the Obvious!

Here in Oklahoma, and many parts of the Midwest, we had a glorious warm fall. Temperatures reached into the 70s each week and dipped only to lows in the mid 30s for the most part. We celebrated Christmas on Monday the 27th, waiting for my grandson to come be with us. It was a delightful […]

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And the Winners are…

Well, it’s that time again – the latest round of our writing contest is over, and now it’s time for my favorite part… Giving away lots of free stuff! There were many good entries in this contest – and I wish we had enough prizes to give out to everyone. Once again, we got lots […]

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