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Your Mental Edge – Trusting Your Intuition in the Garden

Permaculturists place an emphasis on using “edges” in landscape design. There is something almost alchemical about two different systems colliding that results in greater diversity and productivity than each system is capable of alone. The perimeter of a pond, the juncture of a forest and a field, and even the entrance to your house are […]

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From Weeds to WOW – The Weed Island

Weeds, otherwise known as plants growing where you don’t want them, are often vigorous competitors that outperform the cultivated plants we prefer in our gardens. They’ve adapted to fill crevices, to survive in less than hospitable soil conditions, to be resistant to pests and diseases, and to spread at the speed of light – sunlight, […]

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Extreme Weather and Food Resilience, for Home Growers

A joint task force of experts from the UK and US have recently released recommendations for Extreme Weather and Resilience of the Global Food System. The report uses current climate and weather science coupled with food supply history to make predictions and recommendations to help governments mitigate the societal consequences of food price shocks. The […]

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Are You Prepared for Peak Chicken?

We have all heard about peak oil. But have you heard about “peak chicken?” Or peak almost everything else that comprises the modern human diet – dairy, meat, corn, soybeans, wheat, rice, vegetables, and sugar? According to a study in Ecology and Society, we’ve already been there and done that. We peaked on just about […]

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