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A Guide for Using Tap Water in Your Garden

I understand the frustration that gardeners experience when they are forced to use tap water for gardening purposes. For most of my gardening life, I have been on municipal water. It is true that plants don’t seem to like it. However, when I moved to a residence that had well water, I did not notice any difference in my […]

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create a bird buffet Growing Chicken Feed The Easy Way


Chicken Feed Ain’t Cheep In some places “chicken feed” is an old slang term meaning “cheap.”  That certainly isn’t true today – especially for those of you who feed an organic, soy-free and corn-free formula to your precious flock.  While working for chicken feed may not seem like a good trade off for you, starting small is […]

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Prune Your Fruit Trees Now for a Great Harvest Later

We plant fruit tree saplings with expectations of big, sweet, juicy fruit; and plenty of it. Fruit tree dreams are the biggest dreams, because gardeners may cultivate these living treasures for 3 to 5 years before having their first taste of fruit! That is a good, long time to wait. But unlike our hunter-gatherer ancestors, […]

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7 Tips to Start Seed Like a Professional Grower

There you sit, surrounded by seed catalogs. You have a head full of dreams about the best gardening season ever, flipping through pages of new cultivars to try and great new gardening tips to test out. Your seed is fresh, you have an ample supply of compost bursting with life, and you have more planting space prepared than […]

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