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8 Ways to Replace Carbs with Home Grown Veggies


While low-carb diets seem to be the all the rage nowadays, there’s actually some merit to swapping out starchy foods like bread, rice and pasta. How so? By replacing them with superfood veggies! Whether you follow a paleo, vegan, or whole foods diet (or something in between), all experts agree that low-glycemic veggies are in. […]

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DIY Probiotics – 4 Cheap and Easy Alternatives

How to Make Home Made Probiotics Yes, the prepackaged probiotic capsules and tablets in health food stores can be pricey. But there’s no need to break the bank for expensive products when you can indulge in your own DIY recipes to make your own probiotics at home, and cheaply, too. Just be aware that when […]

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The 12 Days Before Christmas in a Mason Jar

Pass the 12 days before Christmas with these 12 sugar- & chocolate-free ideas. There are all kinds of advent calendar ideas out there, from simply pinning a dozen envelopes onto your wall to making a mobile of hanging planters, from stringing your own merry bundle of bags across your Christmas tree to creating a festive […]

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For the Love of Mugwort: 7 Uses for Mugwort

Mugwort (Artemisia vulgaris) is a divine lady who goes by several names, including wild wormwood, chrysanthemum weed, artemis, Old Uncle Henry, St. John’s plant, and cronewort. As an easy-to grow perennial that self-seeds readily, mugwort easily grows to 4 feet and more. She can grow in all types of soils, including poor and alkaline soils, […]

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