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If You Had To Home Butcher, Could You?

I hope the title for this week’s newsletter doesn’t frighten off all the vegetarians. In fact, when I started this journey I was exploring the raw vegan diet. Who wants to kill innocent animals to eat them? I was heart broken when I realized that animals are one of the easier food sources to grow. […]

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A Woman’s Perspective on Prepping

I’ve gotten lots of requests to write about a woman’s perspective on prepping. Uh, what in the heck does that mean? Here is the beginning of that answer: For the last few days there have been fairly strong winds blowing. I’ve been on edge, nervous, and fretful, but not quite conscious of it. Sort of […]

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Deer on your front porch…

A subscriber sent me this photo and it is too funny. Do you remember the video when I was showing you the easiest way to prepare a garden (it’s in the Instant Master Gardener course). Anyway, in that video I also spoke about the need for good fencing. When I filmed that I was living […]

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